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Unmanned Systems & Strategic Futures at the Naval War College

The Naval War College remains the center of the U.S. Navy's  foremost strategic thinkers.    Later this month, various experts from the military, academia, and policy communities will convene in Newport for a   maritime strategy symposium .      Some of the presenters will focus on the impact that unmanned vehicles have produced on naval strategy.    From the Naval Post-graduate School, retired Navy Captain Jeff Kline will discuss his paper on   Impacts of the Robotics Age on Naval Force Structure Planning ." Captain Kline’s paper emphasizes the importance of offensive “ payload over platforms ,” in order to overcome impediments to enhancing future force structure. In his words, “This package focus” first is particularly applicable in the electromagnetic and cyber realm. Inexpensive, deposable UAVs employing radar reflectors or chirp jamming may be better delivery platforms for EM “packages” than an F-18 Growler. In the offense, developing “Left of kill chain” effect