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NPS Faculty Battle Extreme Environments to Further AUV Research

by Kenneth A. Stewart, NPS
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Research Associate Professor Douglas Horner and Research Assistant Professor Noel Du Toit recently returned from remote Pavilion Lake, British Columbia where they investigated Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) operations in extreme, under-ice environments.
“The Navy is very interested in our ability to work under the ice using autonomous vehicles,” said Horner. Pavilion Lake is located some 250 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia. Its frozen-over waters became a natural laboratory in which Horner, Du Toit and a multi-disciplinary team of colleagues were able to test navigation algorithms developed at the NPS campus in Monterey, Calif. and beyond. 
 “The lake’s bathymetry is incredible. It varies from 60 to four me- ters depth in less than a 300 meter distance,” explained Horner. “It provided a unique opportunity for testing the AUV’s ability to collect sensor data while both avoiding potentially hazardous ob- s…