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New UUV Mothership Hits the Fleet: the Coastal Command Boat

 (Aug. 11, 2013) A 65PB1101 coastal command patrol boat arrives in San Diego. The patrol boat has increased capability over existing Navy Expeditionary  Combat Command craft, including 24-hour mission capability,  ergonomic equipment design, both remote and crew-served weapon  systems and a robust communications suite. (U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Cmdr. Donnell Evans/Released) The U.S. Navy recently introduced the new 65 foot Coastal Command Boat (65PB1101) into the fleet.  Among other maritime security missions, CCB will test new concepts in employing unmanned underwater vehicles.  The one-of-a-kind vessel was developed following a 2008 Congressional earmark for $5 million.  After a transit from its building location in Bremerton, the SAFE Boat-manufactured CCB arrived in  Coronado, California in August where it been assigned to Coastal Riverine Group 1 (CRG-1).  CCB is a predecessor of the Navy's upcoming 85-foot Mark VI patrol boats, six of which have been planne